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Eagle International Capital combines deep analytical insights with decades of practical experience in the world’s financial markets and many industries in order to offer the best bespoke financial solutions to government bodies and large organisations seeking to raise capital for substantial global projects and to enhance sustainable growth, ensure safe expansion and secure significant returns for all stakeholders.

Eagle International Capital excels in designing creative and novel solutions even in difficult situations and allows governments, institutions and businesses around the globe to thrive. The company is dedicated to truly helping its clients and their stakeholders. The solutions developed by Eagle International Capital create long-term benefits and sustainability.

Furthermore, Eagle International Capital offers long-term strategic advice, even after the finance has been arranged and disbursed. Its senior management team is sought after as retained counsel, as board directors and strategic consultants.

Eagle International Capital Services

Eagle International Capital works closely with governments and large corporations to facilitate access to bespoke and advanced funding packages to meet their specific requirements. Eagle International Capital is active in both debt and equity markets.


For instance, the firm is capable of swiftly arranging the issuance of bonds, listing them at a major stock exchange and placing them with suitable stable long-term investors. Alternatively, Eagle International Capital can arrange syndicated loans.

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Eagle International Capital Highest Investment

Eagle International Capital advises governments around the globe. It is founded on the principle that finance alone is insufficient to deliver sustainable solutions unless combined with sound knowledge and advice built on years of practical and empirically based know-how.


Eagle International Capital is truly independent and without conflicts of interest. The firm puts its clients first. “If our clients thrive, so does the company”, said Jonathan Munro Ford, founder at Eagle International Capital. “Watch out, because there are many cases where financial firms use unnecessary complexity to further their own interests, often at the expense of their customers.”


Eagle International Capital specialises in solutions which help its clients gain the greatest economic benefit whether it be for an entire country, the district of a local government, a new city development, large infrastructure projects, special economic zones or smaller more localised projects.


Eagle International Capital has one of the highest investment acceptance rates whether it be for government or commercial sectors. The investments are evaluated in detail, subjected to thorough scrutiny and recommended only after a state-of-the-art due diligence process.

Eagle International Capital

In many cases it can prove a challenge for companies and governments when attempting to raise funds from domestic or foreign capital markets due to the lack of participants. This may be due to a variety of reasons such as insufficient knowledge or lack of funds which ultimately results in a mismatch between potential projects and investments.


Eagle International Capital can help to showcase client’s firms or projects or entire economies that deserve greater attention from international institutional investors around the globe, facilitating enhanced liquidity across equity and debt opportunities.


The firm’s senior management has nurtured personal relationships, formed over years of collaboration, with European banks and financial institutions, central banks, governments, as well as institutional investors. Gaining access to international investment pools can increase a company’s or a state’s treasury’s global presence alongside increasing the return of the projects by providing accessible funds at lower interest rates than might otherwise be available.

Providing accessible funds
Investors around the globe
Prior Projects

Prior Projects

The senior stakeholders in Eagle International Capital have decades of experience in financial markets as well as emergency services, defence and security, infrastructure, health care and power generation with large-scale counter parties.


This gives Eagle International Capital access to a unique network of powerful decision-makers and practitioners at all levels, including in government, Industry and a number of sectors, such as health care, real estate, hospitality, as well as governments and local authorities and special purpose corporations.


Jonathan Munro Ford has worked as key supplier with the UK NHS and other government agencies for over 15 years, as well as other European, Middle Eastern and Asian countries.

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Eagle International Group Founder

Jonathan Munro Ford

Chairman & Founder

Jonathan Munro Ford

Jonathan began his career in engineering in the field of fire protection for offshore petroleum industries with Wormald International in Australia. He transferred to the UK after the Wormald acquisition of Mather & Platt Plc in the 70’s eventually gaining responsibility for the Middle Eastern arm which over the next 7 years he helped grow from an annual turnover of £3 million to over £76 million.


Subsequently Jonathan acquired Eagle international Group and moved on to other sectors including turn-key design and power generation. Jonathan is currently Chairman of Taylor Power Holdings Ltd, specialising in green energy such as Hydroelectric, Solar, Wind and Hydrogen. Eagle International Capital also recently acquired Ford Werner Capital as part of its financial portfolio.


As Chairman and founder of the Eagle Group Jonathan has focused his business mainly in the Asian developing and emerging markets particularly India, Bangladesh & Pakistan with further activities in both Australasia and Europe.

Andrew Henderson

Group Executive Director


Andrew is a graduate of St Andrews University. His career in global business began with De La Rue. He worked in the UK, Spain, Malta and Kenya across all commercial disciplines, working with Governments and Central Banks. He then moved to Gemplus, world leader in chip cards focussed on the Payment and Mobile sectors. He opened up the Northern European market, working closely with GSM providers in the region.  In 2000 he joined the Giesecke & Devrient Group to set up their Cyber security consultancy Secunet and subsequently took over commercial responsibility for the their UK business, growing revenue from £25m to £40m+.


Andrew provides is secretariat for several UK Government All-Party Parliamentary Groups. He continues to advise Universities and companies in the Cyber sector as an interim Commercial and Managing Director. Andew has investments in the renewables industry with Natural Energy Wyre as well as the current partnership of De La Rue/Portdex, Rudex a Central Bank digital Platform, incorporating a number of various country Central Banks. Andrew has worked with Eagle International Group in various capacities since 2020, helping to develop its markets in the Asian developing and emerging markets particularly with further activities in both Australasia and Europe.

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Contact Us

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